The Jeggings get Wet

It’s no secret that skinny jeans remain a strong fashion staple, but are you getting tired of the same old looks?  If so, you will love the Judy Jegs Wetlook Jeggings.  These stretch fit cotton blend jeggings feature a zipper pockets, a fixed waistband, a concealed back zip, and sheen finish for a great new take on the skinny jean style.

The wet look is reminiscent of the sheen of leather, but these jeggings are comfortable enough that you will love wearing them over and over.  If you are worried that this look is just a bit too edgy, think again!  Anyone can pull off this instant style, all it takes is a bit of style sense, and you will have a wide variety of looks for any occasion.

If you are looking for a hot look for date night, a printed, silky vest works great with these jeans.  Add some sunglasses, spike heels, and a coatigan for a edgy look that has plenty of texture.

Jeggings are versatile, and these are no exception.  These wet look jeggings can be worn with a long belted tunic, or even a hot dress for a bold look that won’t leave you freezing during those cold winter days.

If you want a more casual look, you can pair these skinny jeans with a button down plaid and ankle boots for a unique look that never goes out of style.

If you are worried about the bad rap that jeggings get, there are a few rules to follow to make sure that you look great in them.  The most important rule is that they HAVE to fit – no exceptions!  If you have an unmistakable camel toe, or your panty line is screaming for all to see, you need a larger size!

If you are concerned that your legs are a bit too curvy for jeggings, think again.  All you need to do to minimize those thighs is to choose a flowy top that reaches to right above your knee.  This way you are balanced at the top and bottom, and you don’t have to worry about showing off too much of those curves.

Jeggings can look great on anyone, and these wet look jeans are a great way to take a hot look and make it better.  If you want a hot new choice in skinny jeans, get these now!

The Convenience of Buying Ladies Designer Dresses Online

X - ladies designer dresses 2Designer dresses are beautifully created to stand out in a party or crowd. They are well worth the premium, versus no-brand clothes. Each item on the shelf is expected to provide the benefits of stylish design and quality.

You can purchase your ladies designer dresses in physical or virtual stores. If you have not tried purchasing online yet, read on.

Imagine the inconvenience of driving to a clothing store, going-over racks and racks of items, queuing to pay and driving back home. Take the stress-free option. Stay at home while you effortlessly purchase items virtually from your chosen online store.

For newbies who have yet to buy from the web, below is a step-by-step guide on what to do –

Visit Your Preferred Store 

You can check out online stores by category, e.g. ladies designer dresses. If you have a preferred store in mind, conveniently type-in the store name on your browser (Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Bing). A relevant site under this category is Joseph:

Choose the Items You Wish to Purchase 

Once you are in the store’s site, browse through items under different categories. For a clothing store for example, you may choose from women’s wear to men’s wear. Subcategories are often provided for your convenience. From the same clothing store again for example, you may choose to visit webpages on coats, jackets, dresses or accessories. Each item would have the product details on a separate page. Fill-up the necessary fields before adding each item to your virtual shopping bag.

Check-out when Ready 

Once you have all the items you want in your shopping bag, click on the check-out button to move on to the next step.

Pay with Confidence 

If you are a member of the site, log-in your details to proceed. If not, register as a new member to proceed. Store payment may be through a major credit card or other accredited online payment system. Read through the site’s Terms and Conditions first to be familiar with the site’s policies, before charging your card.

Experience Shopping Ease with Home Delivery

As confirmation of your payment, you will receive a summary of the transaction and a receipt. Delivery details are indicated for your easy reference.

Be an online buyer. Experience the convenience and joy of worry-free shopping especially when buying ladies designer dresses.

Bridal Lingerie: Making the Brides Go Wild!

bridal lingerie 3Wedding ceremonies can make everyone weary. But for the couples, the who thing does not stop there. Their wedding night would be their chance to share intimacy with each other. There are surely a lot of ideas on how to create your first married night a memorable and exciting one. Here are some:

  1. Wear something blue

There is a tradition that says wear something blue on your wedding day. The color represents purity of the woman. Blue bridal lingerie would simply make the groom pleased he said “I do”.

  1. Make yourself a gift for him

During the honeymoon, you could try dressing up lingerie with bow backs for a more sensual style. provides some of the best lingerie items in town. You can try their Hypnos bow back knicker. It is 100% jet-black French silk with long pure silk tails. These long tails are easy to tie and retie. For a more sultry effect, you can try wearing bunny ears made up of grosgrain ribbons and laces.

  1. Silk it

Silk clothes are definitely hot. These loose pieces of clothing are so much comfortable to wear, as if one doesn’t wear anything at all. The soft texture of the silk perfectly hugs the right contours of the body. Mostly, bridal lingerie made out of silk exudes a perfect combination of romance and sensuality.

Zeus silk tulle gown showcases a sultry look. This lingerie from Damaris is made up of poppy red silk chiffon with bold red grosgrain tie on the waist. The dress is just as appealing as the color red. Wearing this beautiful tulle gown would make your husband fall from your charm.

bridal lingerie 2

  1. Lace your body

Like silk, laces add some sensual look when worn. Bridal lingerie with intricate designs of laces are a sure hit. For these, one can try wearing an all lace body suit. Lace body suits are cautiously created in order to retain the lace’s appeal. The Persephone All Lace Body is fashioned from French lace with floral designs in the purple body suit. It also comes with purple padded silk satin straps.

With these ideas and bridal lingerie suggestions, your first night with your husband would surely be extraordinary. Congratulations!